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Facts /A sample of facts and data we have covered in features from the worlds of Scandinavian/Nordic art and architecture, to film, food and fashion. Start your subscription to capture what’s new, in and out of Scandinavia.
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Swedish design in New York City / www.swedennewyork.com/design
A comprehensive guide to Swedish design in New York.

SACC-San Francisco/Silicon Valley / www.sacc-usa.org/sf
The local Swedish American Chamber of Commerce provides a platform for American and Swedish companies with an interest in both regions. Its location - in the financial hub of the Pacific states and the high-tech capital of the world - has brought together a dynamic roster of movers and shakers from different industries along with representatives from the region's top universities and relevant service institutions.

The Scandinavian lifestyle store in NYC / www.husliving.com
HUS, exclusively focused on Scandinavia, offers a wide variety of categories and interesting brands - from clothing and jewelry to shoes and skin-care.

Dogme films from Denmark / www.factualtv.com/Dogme
Films from Scandinavia are not easy to find in the local program. This link takes you to an interview with Lars von Trier, one of the creators of the Dogme concept.

Dresses to die for: / www.kenthny.com
Subtle and elegant.. Kenth Andersson's designs are timeless.

General travel information / www.goscandinavia.com