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Izabella Scorupco: Bond girl (Golden Eye)

Izabella Scorupco may be a glamorous movie star and model, but on this particular sunny day in Rome, her thoughts return continuously to her children and the delicate task of balancing parenthood and career.

Where she lives: Vasastan district of Stockholm, and Los Angeles
Music: "the best or worst of 80s music"- Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Kim Wylde
Last book read: "Something about raising children"
Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with meringue
Age: 35

Izabella, who was born in Bialystock in Northeast Poland and moved to Sweden when she was eight years old, has the female lead in "Exorcist: The Beginning," a soon-to-be released prequel to the legendary horror film which starred Linda Blair.

Izabella made her debut in Hollywood in 1995 as a Russian computer expert in the James Bond classic, "Golden Eye." She also had a starring role in the adventure drama "Vertical Limit" (2000), in which she plays a French-Canadian mountaineer. More recently, she played a helicopter pilot in a science fiction film about dragons called "Reign of Fire." One wonders whether this actress has gotten all of the roles she wanted?

"Of course not, and some people see me as not driven enough and a little bit lazy, which I`m not. It`s just that in terms of combining career with one`s private life, as a mother you can`t just be out there and be as driven and aggressive as people who have no children. When you are making a film you work crazy hours and travel so much. I have never been in the theater. It`s a mystery to me how people can combine theater work being a mother."
Izabella became a teen idol in Sweden when she played the leading part in the 1988 "cult" teen movie "Ingen kan älska som vi" (No one can love like us), by director Staffan Hildebrand. After school, while occasionally modeling in Sweden and abroad, Izabella also started a singing career.
"Basically what happened was that instead of standing in front of the mirror and singing into a hairbrush, I just went into the sound studio and it turned out to be very successful," Scorupco explains. Her single "Substitute" sold gold, as did the disco-inspired album called "Iza" released shortly thereafter, which was followed by the 1991 single "Shame, Shame, Shame."
"I think all actors are singers as well, because it`s all part of being in the entertainment industry," says the actress.
Scorupco is the spokesperson for Sweden`s Oriflame cosmetics company, and it is clear that she finds pleasure in modeling: "In the first place, I am a make-up and cosmetics freak, so modeling to me is like being in an amusement park." 
Izabella currently commutes between two countries: "I am living in Sweden, but at the same time I am living in Los Angeles. I get the best of both worlds, " Izabella says.
In Los Angeles, she shares a house with her husband Jeffrey Raymond, and her two children, Julia, age 6 and Jacob, 6 months.
"We live close to the Los Angeles Zoo and an equestrian center. We call it Pippi Longstocking-land. We live with horses, donkeys and chickens. All the kids in the neighborhood hang at our house," says the actress.
Although she relishes her important role as Mom, Izabella hasn`t forgotten how to have a good time.
"I almost never go out, but when I do, I really go out. I am an excellent vodka drinker. Its in my blood, because I`m Polish by birth. I drink it (vodka) like a spy, grounded with a lot of cream. I can drink more than the men and it kills them," Izabella says.

Photography: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Izabella is wearing: Sweater by Maximo, jeans by Fornarina.

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