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Efva Attling: From Catwalk to dog collars

Where she lives: Söder, the south side of Stockholm
Last book read: Two books by Dennis Leahne "He`s a fantastic author"
Music? Beatles, Chet Baker, KD Lang
Desert: Créme Caramel
Age: 53

Efva Attling is a very determined woman, who has pursued several different professions. When she had already worked as a model in Milan, Paris and in New York with the Ford Agency for 11 years, she wanted to switch gears and start to work as a singer. She sent a demo tape to Benny Andersson of ABBA fame and called him on the phone to get his opinion.
He listened to it and said, "I`m sorry, but it`s not good enough. Keep on modeling, Efva."
Those discouraging words from the king of Swedish popular music would have caused most people to give up, but they didn`t stop Ms. Attling. The daughter of an amateur musician, Efva formed a band appropriately called the X-models and had a successful career as a pop star, capped by a hit song called "Two of Us" (Två¦ av oss), which she composed.
Today, Efva enjoys an international career as a fashion jeweler, with her own name-brand shops in Stockholm, Helsinki and London. Efva`s simple but luxurious silver and gold rings, necklaces or earrings are favored by mega-movie stars like Jennifer Anniston and Leonardo di Caprio, as well as Madonna and Kylie Minogue.
Her former career as a singer influences her designs, which sometimes bear mottos like "Carpe Diem" (Seize the day) or "Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All).
"When I was singer songwriter, I thought the optimum thing was to touch people with words. When you wear a ring for a few months you may forget what it says on it, but than someone else sees it and asks, what does it mean? And then you are reminded."
Efva is a celebrity in her native Sweden as a result of her high-profile careers in modeling, singing and design.
This woman can not easily be swayed from her principles or ambitions.
"One thing that is very me, is that when I get an idea I go sort of berserk with it, and follow it through to completion," she explains. She doesn`t mind to do something first, or choose a distinctive personal style. Luckily, most people appreciate her style.
In 2002, at age 50, she was named the best-dressed woman in Sweden by Elle magazine. She won a similar award last year from Amelia magazine.
"I always loved fashion; it`s a fun part of life," according to this jeweler-to-the-stars.
And she doesn`t mind to have some fun in her business, either. She recently started a new line of jewelry for dogs, with -leashes and dog collars in black leather with silver details: "I got the idea from my agent in Japan. They love their pets madly and some treat their dogs better than human beings."
Americans will also soon get a chance to spoil their canines. Efva`s People and Pets Collection will be introduced this Spring at the Clearly First store on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Photography: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Efva is wearing: Shirt from "Älskling" /N.Y.; Peace Harness by Efva Attling Stockholm and boots by Bottega Veneta
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